My Introducion

I am of course Lena Alvarez and I am ten years old. My first cooking experiment I did when I was about 2 years old helping my mom (Elizabeth Alvarez) with making avocado popcicles (I have to say they are extremely delicious!). And also when I was two, my mom and I would go to “Peet’s Coffee” and we had a friend named Taylor and she was usually the person making people’s drinks , and so when I would get home I would say Mommy I am Taylor making the caffacchino!

Some of the recipes that I am going to share with you on this website are inventions of mine, some are from nutritionists, and some are from websites that I admire.

MIL Grazie to the Amazing JulianneBlack for the design of the LenaCooks header.


4 thoughts on “My Introducion

  1. Ms Sindelar – Thank you for writing! My mom told me about Ruth Reichl – did you know she is famous for disguising herself to eat at restaurants, so no one could know it was her? And we ordered “Tender at the Bone” – thanks again! Lena

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